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A title re-establishment survey is undertaken to determine the location of legal title boundaries of a parcel. A title re-establishment survey is broadly the act of reinstating a previously surveyed boundary in the same position as when it was created, taking into account man made features such as survey marks, fences and building corners. We do not live in a perfect world and as such title re-establishment surveys can be challenging. Therefore a title re-establishment survey can only be undertaken by a licensed surveyor.

Prior to undertaking a title re-establishment survey all relevant survey information will be obtained. This includes any registered surveys within the vicinity of the parcel to be surveyed.

A recent copy of title and title sketch will also be obtained before the title re-establishment survey is conducted. The copy of title and title sketch will contain crucial information including easement locations, road abuttals and covenants. Such items may influence a proposed development. The sketch will also indicate the dimensions and area of the parcel being surveyed.

During a title re-establishment survey comparisons will be made to existing fencing and buildings. The age and type of all occupation will also be noted. Markings will be placed on site during the title re-establishment survey for future reference. This may include corner markings or marks referenced to a title boundary.

At the conclusion of the title re-establishment survey a plan will be produced showing the relationship between occupation and title dimensions. The plan will also include the title dimensions as well as existing easements or restrictions on title. The dimensions shown on the plan may not always be the same as those shown on the title sketch. In addition a report will be prepared detailing the findings of the title re-establishment survey.

There are numerous occasions when a title re-establishment may be required.

These include:

  • Erecting a new fence
  • Constructing a new building on a title boundary
  • Extending an existing building to a title boundary
  • Sorting out a boundary dispute between neighbours
  • Marking out of easements which are shown on a title
  • Checking there are no discrepancies between title dimensions and site conditions prior to purchasing a parcel


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