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Land Surveying

Land Surveying is the foundation of Webster Survey Group and its primary focus today.

Webster Survey Group is involved in surveying many types of urban and rural sites including roadways, construction sites, municipal reserves, railway lines, airports and within private property. Information is gathered using the latest high precision surveying instrumentation and data is presented in a required digital format.

Subdivision Management

Webster Survey Group has to this day been involved in several thousand subdivisions that cover residential, commercial and industrial sites. 

These subdivisions have ranged from small infill parcels of land to large broad acre sites and from small townhouse developments to large multi-level apartment sites. Although the subdivision process can be quite complicated, Webster Survey Group aims to provide a simplified process to clients so that their desired outcomes can be achieved in the most straight-forward manner.

Title Re-Establishment Surveys

  • Title re-establishment surveys are undertaken to determine the location of legal title boundaries of a parcel. 
  • Comparisons are also made to existing fencing and buildings.
  • Corner markings are placed for future reference.

Feature & Level Surveys

We have extensive experience in providing feature and level surveys to suit a variety of needs.

Permanent site control can be established and co-ordinated to a local datum or MGA and elevations referenced to Australian Height Datum. All site detail that is captured is then precisely drafted into a final 2D or 3D product.

Site Setout

Fully equipped teams work in the construction environment to establish setout points, grid lines and reference lines from provided drawings and cad files.

Our setting out capabilities range from buildings to roads and engineering infrastructure.

Asset Recording

Asset recording surveys of d-Spec, r-spec, o-spec, sewer, water and Melbourne Water Assets.

Application Surveys

Webster Survey Group can undertake surveys and make the relevant applications that can only be made by licensed surveyors.

These include:

  • creation and removal of easements
  • road closure plans
  • removal of common property
  • net lettable area surveys
  • adverse possession claims
  • amendments to title


Webster Survey Group are accredited members of the following:

  • Institute of Surveyors
  • Consulting Surveyors
  • Victorian Planning + Environmental Law Association
  • Surveying Task Force

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