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What is 360 VCM

360 VCM is a powerful visual content management tool that is built around visualisation.

360 VCM is a Windows-based system that enables every facet of a site, plant or building to be digitally recorded and integrated with multiple types of key digital data.

Full spherical images build the foundation of the visual concept by providing exceptional unlimited 360° x 180° views in High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Maps and floor plans are integrated into the system to build virtual walkthroughs.

360 VCM then offers the ability to effortlessly link maps, diagrams, photos, audio, video, notes and documents in a clear and easy to follow display.

The system even has full measurement capabilities which allow for rapid assessment of specific features and spaces within a spherical image.

What is the benefit of 360 VCM

The key benefit of 360 VCM is the ability to eliminate the costs of continuous on site visits.

Get full visibility into whatever infrastructure you own, lease, operate or run.

360 VCM can bring any location right to your desktop with a full realistic view and all the information you need to interpret and analyse a remote location.

A visual centralised database can then be established which allows you to visualise and plan all activities from the office so that when you do visit your asset you are well informed and better prepared.
Manage and communicate information using an intuitive software system which can then be utilised by multiple departments within your organisation, your stakeholders or partners.

The system can be used as a standalone application or through a secure web based server, meaning your data can be accessed at any time from any location in the world.

Key Points

  • Go virtually back on site from any remote location
  • Eliminate the cost of continuous on site visits
  • Organise unstructured information in a clear and organised display
  • Access data any time from any location
  • Maximise efficiency through proper planning and effective project management
  • Share information with colleagues, stakeholders and partners
  • Utilise full measurement capabilities
  • Interpret, analyse and report on sites, plant or buildings
  • Operate through a secure web based server


  • Provide remote access to a location - view any aspect of a site, plant or building from a desk
  • Monitor during pre & post refurbishment - view & compare details, capture a critical moment in time
  • Site maintenance - identify critical areas for defects such as corrosion, cracking and dampness
  • Occupational Health and Safety - train staff, demonstrate best practices, discuss and highlight risks
  • Site familiarisation/Remote training - Save costs and time by training staff before they access a site
  • Emergency response - Have up to date information and ensure everyone is aware and capable in a crisis situation
  • Access difficult areas - provide clear vision of hard to reach, dark or dangerous areas
  • Manage large amounts of information - Create a centralised database system for any site, plant or building; ensure documentation is readily available when needed

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